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No Kidding, this is a picture of the very first Hidden Wire Mantel. All the designs you see available today are based on this original. 



The idea took off when visitors would ask "Where are the wires?"  When they realized the wires to the TV and other devices were running through the mantel, they asked if they could buy one.  After being asked a dozen or so times, Hidden Wire Mantels was created and we were off to find local craftsman to build them.



Hidden Wire Mantels are manufactured in this wonderful central Ohio town.  We’ve been overjoyed to work with some of the most experienced mantel makers in the country and it shows in every mantel that we ship. We wanted to keep manufacturing local to ensure that every Hidden Wire Mantel is of the highest quality and to help create jobs in our community.  

Every Hidden Wire Mantel is individually assembled to your specifications from woods produced in local mill works.  Good things take time to make.  It will take 2-3 weeks to build and ship your mantel.  If we are finishing your mantel an additional week is required.